Know Us

Loss are not part of our options.

Fahd Al Khofair International Group is an LLC law firm that provides international legal services consisting of a group of elite experts in legal services. It practices its activities in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and some countries. It takes into account the volume of the challenges facing our beloved nation, especially in the stage of the gradual transition to the knowledge economy and the diversity of revenues, the changes this stage entails in the mechanisms and methods leading to achieving the objective, the major role that the legal profession should play in drawing and entrenching these great transformations, and the great benefit and interest to the profession in particular, and to the nation and society in general.

We have represented our clients for more than thirty years

Providing wide range

of legal and professional services through a vision and methodology


We aim to provide highest quality legal services in all legal fields, whether in the field of public or private law

Approach and Vision

Out of our endeavor and keen to excellence in the field of law, we have gathered in our group the highest competencies and expertise to serve our clients


We preserve your time and money. Your case is our first task.

Our method of professional performance is marked by transparency, objectivity and honesty with the client and concern for his rights, spending time, effort, expertise and competency through an experienced team supported by long expertise spanning more than twenty-five years, all in the legal and arbitration fields

Our legal group combines expertise, deep knowledge and quality to provide a wide range of professional and accurate legal services.

Our attorneys effectively participate in our clients’ business, starting from small companies to large commercial deals and transactions.

It believes in the necessity to establish a strong relationship with our clients that enables us to understand the nature of their business and targets and helps us predict the best services provided and avoid any future obstacles.

Our professional performance differs in terms of creativity and distinctiveness in providing legal opinion, in addition to the satisfaction we gain in all courts, and appeal and judicial chambers, thank God.

We are marked by leadership, mastery, honesty, commitment, creativity and competence, since we strive to have a clear mark and a special method that differ us from others in our handling and dealing with the needs of our clients. Hence, the client is the basis of our interest and targets.

Our group is an active member within the institutions and associations that include local, international and global law and arbitration firms.

Our group aspires to be the best among all to establish a relationship marked by integrity and conformity with our coworkers in the profession inside and outside, and to get a relationship where respect and appreciation to Judiciary prevail, in addition to our constant and permanent endeavor to implement the values of truth, justice and good