Terms and Conditions of Use

Dear clients, we welcome you to the terms and conditions page. Please, read it carefully, as it regulates the relationship between us in regard the site’s services.

  1. The user of the site shall have full legal capacity and shall be over the age of eighteen (+18).
  2. The user shall be liable to the account registered on the site, even if the usage of the same is by third parties.
  3. The client undertakes the correctness of its provided personal information, and the working team also undertakes the privacy and confidentiality of such information.
  4. The time used in the website is the local time of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  5. Despite the efforts made to ensure the accuracy, comprehensiveness, and timeliness of the information on our website, in some cases the information on one of the services may contain inaccurate data. There are no guarantees regarding the information on the Internet site that is free from errors, or that it is complete or recent.

Modification and Updating

  1. Fahd Al Khofair International Group shall have the right to correct, modify and update the website content at any time without no prior notification.
  2. Fahd Al Khofair International Group shall have the right to change prices of service, terms and specification without no prior notification. As well as, team work may revise the privacy police and making updates at any time.


  1. Fahd Al Khofair International Group aspires to satisfy its clients. The working team shall make its utmost to solve the problem to the satisfaction of the client, according to the available capabilities and in a manner that preserves all rights of the parties, in case of any problem.
  2. Client shall submit its claims as it happens via the mail (contact@fklaw) and we shall contact it as soon as possible.
  3. The claim shall be submitted by the person concerned supported by adequate documents and data indicating the claim, and the working team shall have the right to request any documents they deem necessary to consider the claim.
  4. Fahd Al Khofair International Group shall have the right to refuse the claims and asking the client for a compensation in case of the client’s failure to prove such claims, because of reputation abuse and waste the working team’s time.

Online services:

Our Commitment

We shall commit the following:

  1. We shall not disclose any client`s information, directly or indirectly.
  2. We shall exercise every possible effort in, accordance with the professional principles and norms, to provide legal and judicial advice
  3. Our role shall be limited to formulating and/ or providing electronic advice; it shall not cover the services of judicial and procedural representation before any governmental or private entity inside or outside the Kingdom, unless the client chooses the (pleading) service.
  4. We committed to provide the service to the client in a period of 7 days starts with the completion of requirements.

Client’s Commitment

Client shall commit the following:

  1. Client shall provide us with all necessary documents that prove its claims.
  2. Client shall consent the validity and authenticity of the provided documents and information. Otherwise, we shall not be liable.
  3. Client shall not claim us with the electronic copy of files and documents.

Payment Method

  1. Registration shall take place on the site.
  2. Case shall be suing.
  3. Then it shall be studied by the work team.
  4. Invoice shall be issued.
  5. It shall be valid for 24 hours only.
  6. Payment shall be made through the payment methods approved on the site or through bank transfer.
  7. We shall have the right to reject or cancel any case that has errors or is inaccurate.
  8. We shall also have the right to cancel or reject any case without giving reasons.
  9. The validity period of the invoice is 24 hours, after which the site shall have the right to cancel the invoice or amend the prices mentioned in it.
  10. Any offers or decrease in the general price shall not apply to any invoice that has been paid.
  11. Currency conversion shall be linked automatically with the party liable for payment, and the site shall have no relation to any decrease or increase in the exchange rate.


  1. Any invoice that has been paid within the past twenty-four hours shall not be canceled.
  2. If the client wishes to cancel an order for any reason within 24 hours of payment; an amount of 200 riyals shall be deducted as an administrative expense in addition to any costs imposed by the approved payment method on the site, and the rest will be returned to its original payer.
  3. The time taken to return the amount shall depend on the terms of the approved payment method on the site.
  4. If the amount is not refunded within 15 days, please send a message to the office’s email dr@fklaw.sa